Researcher biography

Professor Roslyn Boyd is a Chief Investigator and Director of the CRE, QLD Lead, Chair of the Clinical Trials theme and a member of the Early Detection and Neuroimaging theme.

Professor Boyd is Scientific Director of the QCPRRC, an internationally recognised team of researchers conducting clinical trials of novel interventions geared to optimising neuroplasticity, early detection of cerebral palsy, longitudinal comprehensive outcomes linked to brain structure and function. She leads a team of 38 researchers, including 6 NHMRC post docs, 10 PhDs and has conducted 17 RCTs in CP and infants born preterm. She has been an invited participant for 3 international summits on Management of CP in high and low resource countries (2013); Early Detection and Early Intervention (2014, 2015) and Management of Neonatal Stroke (2016). She has received >$36M in grants including 13 NHMRC, 1ARC, 1 NIH. She has had continuous NHMRC people support, being a Research Fellow (2016-2021) and previous QLD Smart State Fellow. She and her research team have been awarded the most prestigious international prize for CP Research the Gayle Arnold Award on 3 occasions (2010, 2011 and 2014).

Professor Boyd has a strong track record in efficacy of rehabilitation, RCTs of early intervention and the examination of brain structure and function in children with cerebral palsy and infants born preterm. Her research program focuses on understanding the relationship between brain structure and function in children with cerebral lesions associated with cerebral palsy (CP) and whether functional plasticity can be achieved with novel rehabilitation approaches.

Professor Boyd is recognised as an international expert in rehabilitation to optimise neuroplasticity, leading large randomised clinical trials (17 RCTs, 7 funded by NHMRC); for longitudinal outcomes of population cohorts combining measures of brain structure and multi-modal outcomes, (2 NHMRC and one NIH). She has achieved 13 NHMRC projects (4 as CIA, 6 as CIB, 2 as CIC, 1 as CID).

She has been a keynote speaker 45+ times at major international meetings including: European Academy of Childhood Disability (2006, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015). She has been recognised internationally as chair of the scientific panel of the 3rd International Cerebral Palsy Conference in Sydney (February 2009, 1200 delegates) and continued as a member of the Scientific Board for 4th ICP (2012) and 5th in Stockholm (2016). Recently she was one of two Australians invited to an international think tank on Global Management of CP in high and low resource countries (2013).