The AusCP-CTN Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) is tackling the hardest questions in the management of children with cerebral palsy.

Our research is generating new knowledge and developing new ways to detect CP earlier, to provide earlier evidence-based interventions for children with cerebral palsy.

The AusCP-CTN welcomes engagement with members of the public. Our Centre for Research Excellence will engage with parents of children with CP, individuals with CP, key stakeholders, consumer groups and clinicians through our annual workshops, public seminars and social media.

Members of the public can elect to be involved with the CRE Consumer Network via various levels of participation. Please email the AusCP-CTN CRE Manager to register your interest or comlete this web form to join our consumer network.

The engagement of consumers in the CRE and as members of the Consumer Council will increase the value of research and reduce potential research waste.  Research objectives and priorities will be defined in consultation with consumers/stakeholders. Involvement of consumers will ensure that research is responsive to societal changes and public expectations. Consumer engagement in research will ultimately benefit people with cerebral palsy and their families.

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