Our research themes and streams

The Australasian CP Clinical Trials Network will generate new knowledge across five themes:

  • Pre-clinical & Neuroprotection
  • Early Detection & Neuroimaging
  • Clinical Trials
  • Knowledge Translation & Implementation
  • Engagement & Health Policy

These themes will implement work plans and build capacity across 4 Streams:

  • (i) Generation of new knowledge
  • (ii) Training (Clinical & Research)
  • (iii) Implementation & Translation
  • (iv) Health Economics, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs), & Telehealth
Figure: CRE framework for generating new knowledge across 5 themes in 4 streams


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Pre-clinical & neuroprotection

Preclinical trials will be conducted to test promising neuroprotectants. Trials will be translated to phase II/III trials in infants at high risk of cerebral palsy.

Members of the team have performed successful preclinical trials (e.g. melatonin) that are informing new trials in clinical populations. Neuroprotectants ready for implementation in human clinical trials include Erythropoietin (EPO), and Cord blood.  International multisite clinical trials of EPO and Stem cells between US, Australia and Europe are being developed for infants with neonatal stroke with optimal rehabilitation.



Early detection & neuroimaging

The AusCP-CTN has a work plan to uplift earlier detection of CP. A national training program in General Movements Assessment and implementation of App technology will enable early detection of CP for families across Australasia including remote and isolated places

Identification of very early clinical and neuroimaging biomarkers in preterm and term-born infants at 30 and 40 weeks gestation will provide clinical tool boxes of brain structure and function measures for earlier detection of CP.



Clinical trials

The AusCP-CTN will conduct RCTs of current interventions (Botulinum toxin A); phase II trials of new interventions and/or methods of delivery (telerehabilitation) with clinical/ imaging biomarkers to identify and monitor brain structure and functions that underpin response to treatments.

The CRE team will build on their strong track records in undertaking RCTs of interventions for infants/children with CP and their families to commence world class trials. CRE members have undertaken many of the largest RCTs internationally in upper limb rehabilitation, prevention of hip displacement, pharmacology to reduce spasticity and early interventions (developmental care for infants born <30 weeks). Our strong track records in epidemiological studies and population-based cohort studies will enable development of international trials. Our links to the CP registers will enable us to test the changes in outcomes for children with CP identified earlier, who received neuroprotectants and earlier brain based rehabilitation.



Knowledge translation & implementation

Member of this theme will development and implement new international Clinical Practice Guidelines with web based decision tools for evidence to the desktop across the state-wide rehabilitation services. 



Engagement & health policy

Members this theme will conduct an updated survey of consumer views of research priorities and consumer engagement to inform service delivery and national funding (NDIS).



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