Our research themes and streams

The Australasian CP Clinical Trials Network will generate new knowledge across five themes:

  1. Epidemiology, Pre-clinical and Neuroprotection to advance understanding of the epidemiology, neurobiology and neuroprotective interventions for CP;
  2. Early Detection and Neuroimaging to advance understanding of early clinical, blood, genomic, biomics & neuroimaging markers to enable even earlier diagnosis and treatment;
  3. Clinical Trials (a) to test new cell therapies to prevent and ameliorate brain injury; (b) Rehabilitation trials to build evidence for functional outcomes;
  4. Knowledge Translation and Implementation to rapidly implement proven cost-effective therapies;
  5. Engagement to ensure Translation into clinical practice & policy.

The four workgroup streams across all five themes in the Aus-CP-CTN include:

  1. New Knowledge Generation stream: in epidemiology, pre-clinical and clinical trials;
  2. Clinical & Research Training stream: to build capacity nationally the CRE will support 11 new post-doctoral fellows and 10 new PhDs with leadership, grant writing and mentorship;
  3. Implementation & Translation stream: with Knowledge Translation tools and CPG; and
  4. Health Economics, Patient Reported Outcome Measures & Telehealth solutions stream: implementation of new knowledge, underpinned by health economics with flexible delivery.


Figure: AusCP-CTN framework for generating new knowledge across the five themes.


Expected Outcomes of New Knowledge Creation:

1. Undertake National Epidemiological studies via the ACPR, NZ and World CP Registers;
2. Undertake >7 pre-clinical Trials of new neuroprotectants and Brain repair interventions.
3. Undertake 7 cohort studies of novel biomarkers for early detection of CP and NDD.
4. Undertake >3 Cell Therapy Clinical Trials for children with CP.
5. Undertake >15 RCTs on interventions to improve outcomes for CP.
6. Undertake >5 population based cohort studies to understand the natural history of CP.
7. Undertake >4 Knowledge Translation studies to implement into clinical practice.
These clinical trials, cohort and implementation studies will build capacity with 10 new PhDs and 11 new Post-doctoral fellows part funded by the CRE and supported by the CRE sites.


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