Early Detection & Neuroimaging

Our focus for earlier detection of CP using neurological and clinical biomarkers in preterm and term born infants has expanded to detecting Neurodevelopmental disability (NDD), in Indigenous infants and CALD populations. Our preterm cohort (PREBO) has tested 272 infants at 30 and 40 weeks post menstrual age (PMA) with GMs, clinical correlates and neuroimaging (white/grey matter injury, diffusion, connectomes) with electroencephalography (EEG) markers for mild, moderate or severe CP. While MRI and EEG are available in tertiary centres, we have also identified clinical bedside tools that correlate with early brain injury. We are testing a KT package for physicians (AI McNamara, CIs Novak, Boyd).

Current Projects in this theme:


Past studies in this theme:

  • Early prediction of typical outcome and mild developmental delay for prioritisation of service delivery for very preterm and very low birthweight infants (PREMTiME)