Developing novel blood based diagnostics for brain injury

CIs: Rose (QLD), Aus-CP-CTN network. Supported by CSIRO, 2019-2022.

Rational: Circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) in plasma are present in healthy individuals and mostly arise from leukocytes due to apoptosis. Injury to the brain results in elevated cffDNA from dying neurons to the blood stream. As the liver clears ccfDNA, with a mean half-life of 16 minutes, the quantity of ccfDNA in plasma provides a near-real-time measure of brain injury.

Aims: Develop a fast, simple, accurate PCR-based assay for neonatal brain injury will be validated against neuroimaging, pathological assessment and clinical measures.

New Knowledge: Blood collection from neonates (normal/hypoxic) from clinical trials will be validated against outcomes.

Project members

Professor Stephen Rose

Senior Principal Research Scientist Leader; Probing Biosystems Future Science Platform
CSIRO, The University of Queensland