Supervisors: Dr Katherine Benfer and Professor Roslyn Boyd

Dr Katherine Benfer has been awarded the QEII jubilee Fellowship and an NHMRC Early Career fellowship to conduct an RCT in Kolkata India of a novel parent to parent training randomised trial of goal directed, active motor training with environmental enrichment for children identified to be at high risk of CP aged between 3-9 months. This study continues in India during 2017-2018 and then will be developed as an RCT of LEAP-CP for indigenous children at high risk of CP in Northern Australia (based in Cairns).

Student Opportunities:

  1. Measurement and quantification of asymmetries of upper limb and gross motor abilities (using Wearable sensors) in LEAP-CP for an OT/PT PhD.
  2. Very Early Detection of Cerebral Palsy using General Movements/ HINE as biomarkers of early development in infants at risk of cerebral palsy in a low/middle income country (LEAP-CP India) and in a population of indigenous children in Northern Australia (LEAP-CP Australia) for a Medical, PT/OT PhD.
  3. Tailoring of EARLY Parenting Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for families of infants diagnosed early as at risk of CP (EARLY PACT, with Dr Koa Whittingham) to implement in India (LEAP-CP India and LEAP-CP Australia).


Project members

Professor Roslyn Boyd

Scientific Director, Queensland Cerebral Palsy and Rehabilitation Research Centre
Child Health Research Centre, The University of Queensland