TRANSMIT Study: Multifaceted knowledge TRANSlation iMproving function in CP

National Health and Medical Research Council

Chief Investigators: Novak, Morgan, Sakzewski, Boyd et al App for NHMRC Partnership 2021.

Aims: Reduce the time it takes to move best-available research into CP practice and policy to improve outcomes, to save the health system and NDIS money.

Study Design: Multifaceted knowledge translation process, underpinned by effective communication across clinical sciences with clinicians, patients and policymakers. We will build an end-to-end translational research process to streamline the carriage of new discoveries in patients from clinical trials, into clinical practice, then communities.

Project members

Professor Iona Novak

Head of Research, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute
School of Medicine, The University of Sydney

Dr Cathy Morgan

Research Fellow
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute

A/Prof. Leanne Sakzewski

Senior Research Fellow
Child Health Research Centre, University of Queensland

Professor Roslyn Boyd

Scientific Director, Queensland Cerebral Palsy and Rehabilitation Research Centre
Child Health Research Centre, The University of Queensland