Researcher biography

A/Prof. Leanne Sakzewski is a Chief Investigator on the CRE and a member of three themes: Clinical Trials, Knowledge Translation and Implementation, and Engagement and Health Policy.

A/Prof. Leanne Sakzewski is a Post-doctoral fellow at QCPRRC and holds an NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (2015-2018) following a UQ Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women (2014-2015) and NHMRC TRIP fellowship. She will be a lead fellow in the Knowledge Translation and Implementation theme. A/Prof. Sakzewski has 45publications. Her research focuses on developing implementation strategies and programs to facilitate the timely and effective uptake of research evidence into practice. She has expertise in randomised clinical trials in upper limb rehabilitation in children with cerebral palsy (INCITE: NHMRC46830; COMBiT: NHMRC10036183; MiTii ABI Multimodal Web based training). Dr Sakzewski has expertise in systematic reviews and meta-analyses (2), and clinimetric reviews of outcome measures (3). She has recently published results of her translational research, investigating barriers and enablers to evidence uptake and piloting an implementation strategy to increase the uptake of evidence in upper limb therapies into clinical practice. Her role in the CRE will be to develop knowledge tools and conduct research evaluating effective methods of knowledge diffusion and research translation.