Translating International Clinical Practice Guidelines into clinical workforce

11 February 2021

As part of AusCP-CTN’s Knowledge Translation & Implementation research theme, the team aims to translate new knowledge of effective interventions through development of international clinical practice guidelines, backed up by systematic reviews and randomised clinical Trials and implement into clinical workforce in order to achieve improved health outcomes for children with CP.

Since 2017, the AusCP-CTN has united key opinion leaders in the field of paediatric neurology, policy, health economics, biostatistics, consumer engagement, and has successfully complemented three international Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) on:

  1. Early Diagnosis (Novak et al.)
  2. Early Intervention (Led by Dr Cathy Morgan, Prof. Linda Fetters, and Prof. Iona Novak; in submission)
  3. Functional Therapy (Led by Dr Michelle Jackman, A/Prof. Leanne Sakzewski, Prof. Iona Novak, Dr Cathy Morgan, and Prof. Ros Boyd).

The CPGs are now  being implemented into practice across all the world, starting with uplifting knowledge and skills of clinicians in the area in Australasia, North America and South East Asia through our Annual Systematic Review course. Fint out more about our success in upskilling 1,000+ clinicians in uptaking toolboxes to aid early detection of CP

Over the next five years, the expert team within the network will utilise: (i) AGREE II compliant CPG summarising evidence & making recommendations for practice (using GRADE); (ii) providing web-based evidence driven decision making tools to assist clinician uptake; providing rapid ‘evidence to the desk’ summaries, and to develop further CPGs to enable our vision to encourage evidence based practice to improve the outcomes for families of children with CP.

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