AusCP-CTN team collaborates with Cerebral Palsy Foundation creating Cerebral Palsy apps helping families worldwide

13 February 2021

AusCP-CTN and QCPRRC researchers Prof. Roslyn Boyd and research fellow Dr Catherine Mak have been working with colleagues at the Cerebral Palsy Foundation (based in New York, USA), contributing towards building user-friendly apps about cerebral palsy. The first app is CP Channel, which caters for a broad range of audiences – people with CP, family & friends, researchers, clinicians; containing 100+ videos from world experts on cerebral palsy and key disabilities advocates, featuring subjects including understanding brain injury and considerations about surgery, explained in engaging and easy-to-understand language. CP Channel also includes videos from ambassadors, celebrities, and communities, sharing their own stories, whether they are living or caring for someone with disabilities.

Featuring as one of the Key Opinion Leaders on the CP Channel app, Prof. Roslyn Boyd says the app will allow easy access for families and clinicians on all the latest research and information on best clinical practice in CP research.

“Families and clinicians want and need the most current information in order to improve early detection of CP, to access the best clinical practice and improve the quality of life and maximise the opportunities for those with CP.” Says Prof. Boyd.

Evolve21 is the second app which AusCP-CTN has been developing in partnership the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Developed from AusCP-CTN’s in house psychologist Dr Catherine Mak’s PhD work MiYoga (A randomised, waitlist-controlled trial of an embodied mindfulness program based on hatha yoga principles for children with cerebral palsy and their parents), Evolve21 is the first inclusive exercise app which offers fitness, meditation, and yoga (MiYoga) routines to people of all abilities.

Evolve21 is available on both Android and iOS; for more information about Evolve21.


AusCP-CTN team has also been working with our local experts on creating apps that are tailored for Australian children and youth with disabilities to recreational activities - Jooay in Australia. Jooay is a free app that helps families locate leisure opportunities that are accessible, suit their needs and abilities, match their preferences, and enhance their ability to participate in their local communities. While the current focus of the app is Canadian activities, we are partnering with colleagues in Western Australia and New South Wales to build a community of inventory of community leisure/recreation activities. Find out more.