AusCP-CTN PhD Top-Up Scholarships 2018 - Open for Application

9 Apr 2018


The Australasian Cerebral Palsy Clinical Trials Network (AusCP-CTN) is a five-year Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council. The AusCP-CTN CRE has a work plan to uplift earlier detection of cerebral palsy, fast track children to multi-site randomised clinical trials of new neuroprotectants and to develop and test new rehabilitation. Knowledge translation studies will ensure effective transfer to enhanced clinical practice. Combining expertise from leading research centres from throughout Australia and New Zealand, the AusCP-CTN will conduct world standard, multisite, clinical trials to improve early detection and determine the best interventions and treatments for children with cerebral palsy.



Through mentorship and direct training opportunities, the AusCP-CTN aims to grow the next generation of highly skilled clinical research workforce. AusCP-CTN will be awarding a number of top-up scholarships of $5,000 p.a. to support PhD students who are currently pursuing research relevant to cerebral palsy.

Successful candidates will join the AusCP-CTN network of clinicians, researchers, students and families, and receive other benefits such as:

  • Support and mentoring from national and internationally recognised leading clinicians, researchers, and allied health professionals in cerebral palsy.
  • Collaboration opportunities for future research projects; involved in knowledge translation and education activities.
  • Access to systematic review course and biostatistics training.
  • Opportunities to present research findings at a suite of symposia, conferences and training workshops.
  • Opportunity to be involved with cerebral palsy families and relevant community groups.
  • Networking opportunities with multi-disciplinary researchers and professionals.



Each top-up scholarship comprises of an AUD$5,000 p.a. payment awarded to the successful applicant, to supplement the applicant’s main funding, for up to three years at maximum. The top-up scholarship is awarded based on the awardee’s PhD candidature, with extension and renewal assessed based on annual progress report. The funds involved in the top-up scholarship are to be administered by the university at which the applicant is enrolled, so that funds can be dispersed in line with the applicant’s main scholarship.



PhD students are encouraged to apply for an AusCP-CTN Top-Up Scholarship, provided they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in a PhD program with at least one year remaining of their candidature.
  • Preferably, hold a main scholarship which was awarded through a competitive peer-review process
  • NOT currently hold any other top up scholarship.
  • Must have an official PhD supervisor who is affiliated with an Australian institution and/or research organisation.
  • Research topics must be focusing on cerebral palsy diagnosis, treatment or intervention, and must directly relevant to AusCP-CTN research themes, including:
    • Pre-clinical & Neuroprotection
    • Early Detection and Neuroimaging
    • Clinical Trials
    • Knowledge Translation & Implementation
    • Engagement & Health Policy



Submission Instructions

Applications Open: 9th April 2018

Applications Close: 21st May 2018

  • When preparing for an application, both the Application Guideline (this document) and the Application Form should be reviewed.
  • All sections outlined in the Application Form should be completed.
  • Applications should be concise and within the page/word limits indicated.
  • Current curriculum vitae of the applicant should be included.
  • Certified academic record should be included.
  • To assist with evidencing organisational commitment, sign off by the Applicant and the Principal Supervisor is required prior to submission.
  • Please email the completed application as a single PDF document to


Should you wish to discuss any part of this top-up scholarship application, please contact the AusCP-CTN Program Manager on (07) 3069 7833, or email