CORD-SAFE: Autologous umbilical cord blood derived cells in EPT infants

Chief Investigators: Malhotra, Novak, Miller, Jenkin. Funding: 2021-23;

Aims: 1. Feasibility of adequate cord blood collection and harvesting of cord blood mononuclear cells in preterm infants born <28 wks' gestation. 2. Safety of autologous intravenous administration at two dosages of cord blood mononuclear cells in the first 2 weeks of life.

Secondary Aims: Neonatal and long term outcomes, including CP.

Mechanism: Anti-inflammatory and trophic. 

New Knowledge: First world trial feasibility/safety.

Project members

Professor Iona Novak

Head of Research, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute
School of Medicine, The University of Sydney

A/Professor Suzie Miller

Professor (Research), Obstetrics & Gynaecology Monash Health
Deputy Director of The Ritchie Centre at Monash University