Associate Professor Suzie Miller (BSc Hons, PhD) is a National Health and Medical Research Council Australia Senior Research Fellow, Deputy Director of The Ritchie Centre at Monash University, and she leads the Neurodevelopment Theme at the Centre. Suzie's particular interest is in the field of neurodevelopmental physiology, and her research group combines preclinical studies of the primary causes of neonatal brain injury to better understand the progression of neuropathology, with clinical studies focused on detection and inhibition of perinatal brain injury. Suzie’s experimental studies are directed towards understanding the mechanisms that contribute to perinatal brain injury and functional deficits in pregnancies complicated by fetal growth restriction, preterm birth, in utero infection or birth asphyxia, so that targeted neuroprotective therapies can be implemented. Suzie is also an advocate for the role of women in science, and a founding member of the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia’s Women in Health Science Committee.