Consumer Network

Are you interested in helping cerebral palsy research? People with cerebral palsy and their families are the most powerful supporters and promoters of cerebral palsy research. The AusCP-CTN CRE will engage with parents of children with or at high risk of CP, individuals with CP, key stakeholders, consumer groups and clinicians through our annual workshops, public seminars and social media.

Members of the public can elect to be involved with the CRE Consumer Network via various levels of participation, this may include (in increasing order of time commitment required:

  • Subscribe to receive our AusCP-CTN CRE newsletter
  • Follow the AusCP-CTN CRE on social media - coming soon!
  • Attend a CRE public event (forum/seminar)
  • Participate in online surveys (as a reference group)
  • Provide feedback on public content such as the website, fact sheets and newsletters
  • Review research-related documents such as communications for potential research participants or grant applications
  • Represent your wider network by being a member of the CRE Consumer Council to provide input and perspective to the CRE research direction

To register your interest in being involved in the consumer network of the AusCP-CTN, please complete the web form here or email AusCP-CTN.