Using genomics to define the response to stem cell therapy

Chief Investigators: Fahey, Novak, Finch-Edmundson. CP Alliance (2019-22) $250k.

Aims: National harmonised datasets to (i) review history, deep clinical and MRI phenotypes in a Vietnamese cohort of CP who have already received autologous MSCs; (ii) undertake genotyping; and (iii) use machine learning to examine the relationship between the genotype, MRI, phenotypic and response to stem cell therapy.

New Knowledge: Progress understanding of genomics, MRI biomarkers and stem cell therapies establishing best-responders & non-responders, enabling cheaper, powered trials.

Project members

Associate Professor Michael Fahey

Director of Neurogenetics, Monash Paediatrics
Monash University
Head of Child Neurology
Monash Children’s Hospital

Professor Iona Novak

Head of Research, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute
School of Medicine, The University of Sydney