Chief Investigators: Colditz P, Wixey J, Sullivan S, Lai M

Funding source: Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital/The University of Queensland, Research grant (2016-2017) $50,000

Hypothesis: We hypothesise inflammation is prevalent in the intrauterine growth restricted (IUGR) brain and is associated with neuronal injury and adverse neurological outcomes in the IUGR infant.

Aim: This project aims to: (1) Investigate the neuropathology and inflammatory mechanisms that underpin IUGR induced brain injury; and (2) examine the effect of an anti-inflammatory intervention on brain outcomes in the IUGR neonate.

Significance: This project will provide crucial information on the inflammatory processes in the brain of the IUGR neonate and whether this is associated with neuronal injury and subsequent neurological disorders in the IUGR infant. Currently no pharmacological intervention is available that has been established to significantly alleviate brain injury in the neonate. The therapeutic drug we will deliver to reduce inflammation and promote neuroprotection in these IUGR piglets is currently used in human neonates. Therefore, this project has a high level of translational potential and is an area of investigation that is highly relevant. Protecting the newborn brain from injury around the time of birth is a global health priority.

Project weblink at the Perinatal Rearch Centre, UQ.