Prem Baby Triple P

Prem Baby Triple P: RCT of a parenting program for parents of very preterm infants

Chief Investigators: CIs Colditz, Boyd, AI Whittingham, M Sanders. NHMRC project (2012-2016) $996k.

Rationale: Efficacy of a new variant of Triple P: Positive Parenting Program that has been tailored95 to at risk preterm infants (<32 wks GA) to provide environmental enrichment through parent child interaction.

Aims: This RCT will establish whether Prem baby Triple P compared to routine care reduces child behavioural and emotional problems at 24 months C.A. (primary) in 306 families. Child cognitive and language development, parent-child interaction, parenting adjustment are secondary outcomes.

Intervention: 4x2 hour group sessions conducted at the hospital, 4x30 minute home telephone consultations, followed by an active transition to community based Triple P resources.

Update: Recruitment of n=306 families is complete and 2 year follow-up will continue until 2017.

New knowledge: If effective, it can be implemented internationally through Triple P International where clinicians will receive Baby Triple P tailored for preterm infants.