National Health and Medical Research Council

Comprehensive surveillance to PREDICT outcomes for children with CP

Chief Investigators: CIs Boyd, Ziviani, Rose; AIs Davies, Barber, Sakzewski, Whittingham. NHMRC Partnership grant (2014-2019).

Study Design: Cross sectional study of a longitudinal cohort.

Aims: The Predict CP study will investigate the relationship between brain structure (at 3T), body composition, dietary intake, oropharyngeal swallowing, habitual physical activity, musculoskeletal development, and muscle performance on gross motor function, cognition, executive function, communication, participation, QOL and health resource use costs in a population based cohort of 245 children with CP at 8-9 years. Our prospective cohort of n>200 allows for identification of significant clinical and neuroimaging biomarkers. Earlier preschool age (2-5 years) data from two longitudinal cohorts will be combined to build prediction models of outcomes.

Update: Recruitment has commenced of 120/245 in the first 2 birth years.

New knowledge: This comprehensively studied cohort will provide longer term outcomes to inform families and health care providers (NDIS).

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