Chief Investigators: Lingwood B, Stark M, Colditz P, Wright I, Eiby Y

Funding source: NHMRC, Project grant (2017-2019) $970,603

Aim: To determine if early blood transfusion is more effective than saline for supporting cardiovascular function, increasing brain oxygenation, and reducing brain injury.

New knowledge: If transfusion with red cells is effective, the project will directly inform the design of and translation to human randomised clinical trials to determine efficacy in the very preterm baby. This study will also address a number of additional critical evidence gaps. Does volume expansion with saline (the current treatment) increase blood volume, cardiac output and cerebral oxygen delivery? Is it possible to identify neonates who need treatment to improve cerebral oxygen delivery? Is it safe to treat all preterm babies? Does near infrared (NIRS) monitoring effectively measure changes in cerebral O2 delivery?

Project weblink at the Perinatal Research Centre, UQ.