ParticiPAte CP

ParticiPAte CP: A motivational physiotherapy program to facilitate participation in physical activities for kids with cerebral palsy

Chief Investigators: Elliott, Boyd, AI Sakzewski, Girdler, Reedman, Willis. CP Alliance (2015) $50k

Rationale: Children with CP have low levels of participation in active leisure compared to their peers. Previous RCTs to optimise participation have used impairment-focused approaches ignoring contextual and motivational factors.

Aims: To test the efficacy of a goal-oriented, family-centred, ecological and participation-based physiotherapy intervention to increase participation in meaningful leisure activities and modify Habitual Physical Activity behaviour of children with CP.

Interventions: 8 sessions of context-specific and goal-oriented Motivational Interviewing combined with Physiotherapy in either a child-parent dyad or group-based format compared to wait-list control.

Update: Recruitment has commenced. New knowledge: First RCT comparing goal-directed approaches to increase participation and change physical activity in children with CP.

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