A/PROFESSOR TRACY COMANS, PhD is a Health Economist with a professional background in Physiotherapy, based at Centre for Health Services Research at UQ. A/Prof Comans leads a program of applied health economics research with a focus on evaluating patient and public preferences, choices and values around healthcare delivery. A/Prof Comans brings expertise in measuring preferences for healthcare, measuring and valuing health outcomes including quality of life, and economic evaluation. She has been awarded >$30M as a CI, has authored 130+ publications (including @40 health technology reports and policy documents) and is a member of the Editorial Board for HealthCare. A/Prof Comans contributes to health policy as a member of the Evaluation Sub-Committee of the Medicare Services Advisory Committee and was previously an evaluator to the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. A/Prof Comans led the health economics sub-unit for the NHMRC partnership centre for cognitive and related functional decline, teaching health economics to researchers, clinicians and consumers in the centre and contributing to the evaluation of all major projects. For this CRE A/Prof Comans will be the Health Economics lead.