Researcher biography

Associate Professor Remo (Ray) Russo is an Associate Investigator on the CRE and a member of the Clinician Network.

Associate Professor Russo is a Rehabilitation Specialist, Head of Research, Paediatric Rehabilitation Department, Women's and Children's Health Network, Adelaide, A/Prof, Faculty of Health Sciences, Flinders University School of Medicine, South Australia. A/Professor Russo and Dr James Rice, Clinical Director of the state-wide Paediatric Rehabilitation Service, will be the Leads of the Research and Clinical Networks in South Australia. A/Professor Russo in his role as Chair of Paediatric Rehabilitation training committee of the Australasian faculty of Rehabilitation sets the paediatric rehabilitation specialisation training exams, curriculum and assessment of candidates. A/Prof Russo is the chief examiner, and on the CRE will be Co-Chair of the Medical Training Stream. They are linked to the Australian CP Genetics biobank study and the SA CP Register.