Researcher biography

Dr Lee Barber is an Associate Investigator on the CRE and a member of the Clinical Trials theme.

Dr Barber is a post-doctoral fellow at QCPRRC in muscle mechanics, gait analysis and functional capacity and has more than 10 years clinical experience as a physiotherapist. He has 10 publications (8 first/lead author) with 155 citations. Dr Barber received the Promising Career Award at the American AACPDM (2014). He has received more than $1.2M in funding. His expertise is in muscle and tendon morphology and mechanics in children/adults with CP, including 3D freehand ultrasound, 3D motion capture, surface EMG and dynamometry to measure in-vivo muscle and tendon structure and function during gait. This data has been incorporated into patient specific musculoskeletal biomechanical models which allow orthopaedic surgeons to perform virtual surgery. Dr Barber also develops clinical tools to measure muscle mechanics and investigate how treatments for spastic type CP impacts muscle growth, structure and function and an individual’s capacity to perform activities of daily living.