1. 18th July 1-5pm – Introduction; Framing your question; PubMed, Cochrane
  2. 25th July 1-5pm – Confirming Review question/aims, Endnote, Measuring Quality for Reporting
  3. 1st August 9am-5pm – GRADE analysis (Presented by Dr Sue Brennan, program available
  4. 8th August 1-5pm – Database search (PROSPERO, PRISMA, CINAHL, EMBASE); Biostatistics Part 1 (RCTs, Statistical Inference & Continuous Outcomes)
  5. 15th August 1-5pm – PEDro, Web of Science; Biostatistics Part 2 (Continuous Outcomes & Binary Outcomes)
  6. 22nd August 8am-5pm – Meta-analysis (Presented by Emeritus Professor Jenny Keating)
  7. 29th August 1pm-5pm – Biostatics Part 3 (Measures of Reproducibility); COSMIN
  8. 5th September 1-5pm – Clinical Practice Guidelines, Getting Published


The Australasian Cerebral Palsy Clinical Trials Network (AusCP-CTN) is conducting an 8-week interactive workshop which aims to enable the attendees to gain a comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis of efficacy of treatment, a clinimetric review of measures, and/or a review of diagnostic criteria for a clinical area. Fully day Meta-analysis and GRADE methods will be included in the training for a transparent approach to rating the certainty of evidence and developing healthcare recommendations.


Workshop Lecturers:

  • Professor Roslyn Boyd – Scientific Director QCPRRC, Faculty of Medicine, UQ
  • Emeritus Professor Jenny Keating – Director of Allied Health, Monash University
  • Dr Sue Brennan – Cochrane Australia, Monash University
  • Mark Chatfield – Biostatistician, QCPRRC, Faculty of Medicine, UQ
  • Dr Leanne Sakzewski - Senior Lecturer, NHMRC ECR, QCPRRC, Faculty of Medicine, UQ
  • Mr Lars Eriksson – Librarian, UQ Herston Medical Library
  • Ms Andrea Burgess – Occupational Therapist, QCPRRC, Faculty of Medicine, UQ


Workshop dates & location

The Systematic Review Workshop is highly interactive and will be conducted on Thursdays for 8 weeks from 18 July to 5th September, at the Training Room, PACE Library (20 Cornwall Street, Wooloongabba, Qld 4102). See below for discussion topics for each week. 

Please note:  For workshop effectiveness, please ensure you have access to your local library for a range of literature databases for your research/review topic. 


Payment & Registration - Workshop FULL

To lock in your place there is a three-step process:

  1. Register your attendance - workshop for 2019 is full.
  2. Pay for your attendance to secure your place.
  3. Once you have made payment, please forward your payment confirmation email to auscpnetwork@uq.edu.au to confirm your registration.


For more information or enquiries, please contact auscpnetwork@uq.edu.au